eclectic soul 41

December 26, 2016

Eclectic Soul 41 w/ fLako, La Fine Equipe & Mattic, Pavel Dovgal, Mount Kimbie, BADBADNOTGOOD and more

I just got back in Geneva to see family and friends, after two months in Portugal and Spain. Portugal mostly, then 12 days between Lisbon and Geneva, stopping in Alentenjo, Granada, Rodalquilar, Valencia, Barcelona, Montpellier. Two months that feel like like two years. I changed so much in little time. Because of the uncertainty of my lifestyle (I just stopped making plans), because of the vipassana retreat which among other things allowed me to be more at ease with all sorts of discomfort, because of my first album I’m about to release, maybe also because I seriously got into no-PMO since almost three months now. I feel more and more focused, even more calm, so detached from everything, feeling so much love for everything. My perception of time has also changed a lot. Time – it seems like it’s the theme of this show. In the first minute back in Geneva, I was riding my skateboard towards my mum’s place, looking around the familiar environment, and yet feeling like it’s different. I think it comes from the detachment. I feel at ease anywhere, at home, because I’m at ease with myself. I’m always home as long as I love myself. And yeah, recently I had this thought : the best thing that can happen to you is to fall in love… with yourself. That’s all I wish you.

Much gratitude to all the beautiful people who hosted me so far. You’re making the difference.


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The Man from Earth (2007)


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