eclectic soul 38

July 17, 2016


Eclectic Soul 38 w/ Dimlite, Ali Farka Toure, SBTRKT, J Dilla, Robert Glasper and more

“ – Nothing make sense anymore. – There is no sense. There’s only life. Breath in. Breath out.”

Do you ever have this feeling of being in a dream, except you (kinda) know you’re not actually sleeping? I did, many times since I started this new chapter of my life, especially every time I was swimming in the sea. This is probably due to the highest level of freedom I reached so far. Putting myself in the position of doing whatever I want. Not knowing where I would sleep in the following days. Not worrying about anything. Embracing what life’s flow is bringing. Accepting – events, everything that’s not under my control. Knowing what is in my control. Getting to know myself every day a bit more. And loving myself just the way I am. Like nobody else. As weird as I can think to be. Loving this weirdness. Living with myself. Expanding my comfort zone. Doing crazy, new things. Changing my mind. Following my guts.

I’d like to make movies, I’m slowly working on it. And I realise that the best movie ever is the one unfolding before my eyes in each moment of my life. How many beautiful scenes I witnessed, sometimes while being an actor as well. It’s impossible to reproduce it. Maybe with incredible actors, but still. Maybe I’ll end up making videos with real spontaneous shots, but the presence of a camera influence the behaviour of the people in front, and the one behind. Anyways, we’ll see. Maybe the message here is to simply focus on living, here and now. Maybe I’ll just make music and write, trying all my life to make readers feel at least a little of magic through they’re imagination. Sometimes it’s kind of disgusting to write things we’d like to share. It’s freaking hard to express feelings, to understand each other with words. I appreciate the fact that we are having a kind of silent relationship through eclectic soul. It’s weird also. Like, maybe my audience is not real, though I actually met a few listeners. But maybe I was dreaming. Maybe I’m still dreaming. Maybe it’s all a dream.


vagabond update : spent almost a month in Apulia, driving on the coast of the tip of the heel from Otranto to Gallipoli (soundtrack : Ali Farka Toure’s Savane album and The Roots of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias From Peru – thank you Sam + Dimlite A/DD EP), slowly in two days, before staying a few days with family between Matino and Parabita. I think I’ll get a house in my hometown at some point. It was so fulfilling to reconnect with the place where I was born. Swimming everyday in such a beautiful sea (like Baia dei Diavoli, Baia di Torre Uluzzo, Lido Conchiglie), eating the most fresh and tasty fruits I had in years… All that sun. I unexpectedly came back to Geneva because I wanted to see my nieces before they get back to school. On 25th of July I’m going back to Italy, Calabria and Sicily. It’s incredible how I feel much better than in Switzerland. I mean, physically. The climat, the salty sea air, the sea, the sun, the food. It makes a whole difference. While in Geneva, I’m suffering from the change climat, temperature drops, pollen allergies and generally the quality of the air I suppose. There’s no question now. The place to live in is one of the first topics that came up when I started to write down my thoughts. I make it a priority to live where my body feels better…and where life is cheaper.

Traveling by land adds to the magic as well. Instead of quickly flying from A to B, the travel becomes a memorable adventure, making room to new encounters and more inspiration for my soul. Plus the fact of removing this disturbing feeling of disorientation. It all feels more natural. I was vagabonding for six weeks – it feels like a lived a year and got younger.

Ecce Bombo (Nanni Moretti, 1978), Le coeur régulier (Vanja d’Alcantara, 2016), Bliss (Lance Young, 1997)


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