eclectic soul 37

June 13, 2016


Eclectic Soul 37 w/ René Schier, Dimlite, Bambooman, Témé Tan, The Bhundu Boys and more

“You’ll never get it, if you don’t slow down my friend.” (Smoke)

It’s been four weeks in my nomad life now. Since the last episode, I spent two weeks in Valdipino, hosted by Ari Nunes, a 60-year-old man originally from Milan with Spanish ancestors, who lived for ten years as a street artist in Italy. He wrote a little book I enjoyed so much that I’m translating it in French, and will work out an English translation as well later, and possibly Portuguese and Spanish with some friend’s help. It was a special time for me there, in such a quiet setting, surrounded by green, hearing more birds than humans, and having this deep connection with Ari, many interesting talks about Italy’s history and the world, life and all that bullshit, as well as spending some time with the fellow travellers who stopped by during those days.

After that I went back to Ticino, which became one of my favourite areas of the world that I’d like to go back regularly. Was between Lugano and Porlezza, where I met again probably my favourite couple of friends with such a beautiful story and exciting dreams. Sam introduced me to some amazing music, from which I featured two tracks – one from The Bhuntu Boys and a piece of psychedelic cumbia. So, new sounds landing in the show to keep it exciting and make you expand your musical web.

Since June 4th I’m in Apulia, after some days in Ostuni countryside I’m staying for a few days in Putignano with a girlfriend I met two years ago while in Malta, now living with his lovely boyfriend we can hear talking to their cat in this show. Something I just found out and love about this town is that on Sundays they close one part of a main street to car traffic and people just walk, meet, play there.

All these encounters happened through CouchSurfing. Now realising how much it shaped my life since I started to host back in 2013. So much gratitude for all these initiatives bringing people together. This kind of things are a real blessing for youth and new generations.

These days I will enjoy some sea time in the “Maldives of Europe”, my motherland – I lived in the little town Matino for the first four years of my life, till 1991. I want to find a place to stay for two weeks and focus on my creative projects which I’m looking forward to share with you. Including music videos with images I took these last weeks, some compositions of mine, translation of the book and some writing (mostly French, that I’d like to make it translated in English).

The intro is a superposition of two scenes from the movies Smoke (Wayne Wang & Paul Auster, 1995) and Caro Diario (Nanni Moretti, 1993), this last uses a piece of Keith Jarrett live at Koln in 1975. More details here.

taken from the bus in motion on June 4th, three hours south from Milan

Daniel Balavoine to François Mittérrand on French TV (1980) – Youth (Paolo Sorrentino, 2015) – Experimenter (Michael Almereyda, 2015) – Only lovers left alive (Jim Jarmusch, 2014) – Waking Life (Richard Linklater, 2001) – people and ambiances I recorded around me, one of my nieces

gelivan – Caro Smoke Jarrett
René Schier – mellow
Alpha Wann – À deux pas (feat. Nekfeu)
sosi – harsh hair, crooked fingers
YellowStraps x Le Motel – Hold Me Tight
Sun Glitters – Ajab / Wonder
Tommy Guerrero – Loco’s Lament
Roméo Elvis & Le Motel – Assurance (feat. Yellowstraps)
Daisuke Tanabe – Rest
Roméo Elvis & Le Motel – Poliss massa (feat. Primero, Tessa Dixson & Halibab Matador)
Summit – Blue Fire Celebration
Témé Tan – Amethys
Dimlite – Can’t Get Used To Those (Afterlude)
The Mouse Outfit – Got Me Thinkin’ feat. Sparkz
Bambooman – Veiled
Hürter – Soup Architect
Les Sages Poètes de la Rue – Un monde étrange
Mc Solaar – L’nmiaccd’htck
Barnaby Carter – It’s My Constant
gelivan – what you do (makes a difference)
Paul White – Where You Gonna Go?
milo – song about a raygunn (an ode to Driver)
Bluestaeb – Just A Staeb Ahead feat. Anthony Drawn
Jay Prince & Maloon TheBoom – Breathe
Bamboo – Inbetween Dreams (Venuq Remix)
Segilola – Hurry Along
Indigo – Sunrise
The Liberators – Rags To Riches feat JoJo Kuo (Ray Lugo rmx)
Los Destellos – Elsa
Sporto Kantes – Wrong Day
The Bhundu Boys – Foolish Harp (Waerera)
Ásgeir – In The Silence
Contact Field Orchestra – Under The Live Oak


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