eclectic soul 36

May 16, 2016

Eclectic Soul 36 w/ Yosi Horikawa, Alpha Wann, Belleruche, Gorillaz, DJ Food and more

This show, like the previous one, has been made on the road. I started it in Geneva on Monday 9th May and did most of the work in Ticino, southern Italian part of Switzerland. The surrounding have been highly inspiring – between lakes and green mountains – and I’ll be back soon to enjoy more of the nature. I’ll remember working on it in the break of a walk in the heights of Lugano. I found a nice little garden with a stone table and benches, and green around me. I sat there and cooked what you can listen here. I’m publishing this from Valdipino, a little town in Liguria, Italy. Courtesy of the CouchSurfing community.


I’m always more and more fascinated by dreams. Dreams, among other things, are the proof that we are (highly) creative by nature. We’re always in a creative state. The dialogs in the intro and further are from two different France Inter radio shows I’m enjoying a lot :

Dans tes rêves, 30-04-2016, France Inter

Sur les épaules de Darwin – Cette étoffe sur laquelle naissent les rêves
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– Les hommes sont toujours des enfants – that’s the title of your album. So finally, adult, it’s game of masks, a disguisement we must take off sometimes, right ?
– Yes, to try to find again the qualities that are present in childhood. In particular, the first most important, it’s this capacity to live in the present moment. Like children know to do so well. When we are in games and as children, we are completely in that present moment. That’s this right thing we lost and that causes us many problems. And I think for the whole humanity, because it cuts us from what we are really, to not have this capacity to live now. And that’s one of the great quality of childhood.


“Vague or intense memories reset while the artist plays, says Siri Hustvedt. Imaginary companions suddenly appear from unknown regions to keep us company. Like memories and dreams, fiction transforms a deeply emotional material in stories that make sense. […] Like Donald Winnicott thought, these illusions can paradoxically give us the sensation to be fully real. How to remember and to imagine are the one same thing, and how they are different things, asks Siri Hustvedt. Writing fiction, she says, creating an imaginary world, it’s like to remember something that never happened; it’s like to remember something that have not happened yet, something that might happen someday. Writing fiction, says Siri Hustvedt, it’s like dreaming, while being awake.”


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