eclectic soul 35

April 11, 2016

Eclectic Soul 35 w/ Skygaze, Daisuke Tanabe, Paul White, Roméo Elvis x Le Motel, TM Juke and more

Just came back from a very very inspiring week in Lille. I met beautiful people, lived new and interesting experiences, enjoyed every single moment. There’s something special in Lille’s atmosphere. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Northern France is the poorest region in the country, so there’s actually a lot of creativity and lots of interesting things going on. When my CouchSurfer host told me about this poverty, I instantly made the connection with Southern Italy. Not that I could see it myself, but the weekend before I was in Turin and my host told me that there are lots of artists in the South and that it’s apparently a good place to be for creatives. I’d like to live for a while there and meet locals and young artists. I’d also like to live in Lille for a while. Right now I’m back in Geneva until the end of April. Then I leave my flat and start vagabonding around Italy. Not sure what’s going to happen exactly, where I’m going etc. Going with the flow! Sure thing is that I’ll keep focusing on doing what I love. Right now I feel very attracted towards making films, as I’m about to fill the last pages of my little moleskine notebook with ideas for movies. I just got an iPhone SE to use strictly as a compact and simple camera. I guess I’ll be shooting the next Eclectic Soul artwork photos myself and make some music videos as well.

The show starts with a dialog from French movie Narco and the credit song from the beautiful Taiwanese film The Assassin. Props to Paxton Fettel for sampling Flight of The Conchords, my most favorite TV Show beside Breaking Bad.

Love to my bro Ben for sharing the infectious Tempovision, Kay Rubenz for playing 2Pac’s Do For Love some night and Audrey for telling me the title, my man Eddy for playing TM Juke in Lausanne and allow me to discover another amazing album, myself for listening with more sensitive ears Paul White’s LP and finally feeling how good and special it is, Moté for hosting me in Lille and sharing among other things the manga Samurai Champoo which uses Nujabes as theme song, Gastama’s staff (Lille bar and hostel) for selecting that reggae remix of Miike Snow, my dear Manu for sharing Fleetwood Mac and Dave DK while we were doing indoor climbing, Mark Kelly for his wonderful new album that I still need to listen properly but already know it’s a master piece.

Eclectic Soul is all of you. Eclectic Soul is like a long photography of my life, full of beautiful memories. I’m happy you’re part of it.

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~ Cherish Yourself ~