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I spend most of my time making music, writing, walking, falling in love, enjoying silence, cloud watching, climbing trees, trying to do nothing, eating European almonds, listening to music and collecting the best to make the Eclectic Soul podcast.

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About Life

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”
– Aldous Huxley

One thing I’m doing that seems to be adding value to other people’s life is a podcast called Eclectic Soul. Over the years, the show slowly shaped itself to become at some point like a photograph of my life, including the soundtrack of my last weeks and also bits of my favorite movies and my own recordings.

“Sometimes you stumble across something like this, and your hope in humanity is tentatively restored well done. Casually mixed, fantastic track selection well done sir.”
– alaska’d

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First album ‘mouvement du sentiment’ is now available !
Released on January 22nd 2017

After years of struggling with distorted believes about myself that were subtly and surely conditioning my mind, I finally got the courage to concentrate on unleashing my creativity and not give a f*ck about many things. Like a shift of focus on what really matters to me.

This LP to me marks the start of a new chapter in my life, influenced by big changes such as leaving the material comfort of the place I grew up to live as a nomad, discovering my homeland with no plans at my own pace, separation from family to embrace the unknown and just go with the flow.

One day at school when I was 17, the teacher asked us to imagine ourselves at 25 or something. She didn’t really left us the time to think about it by ourselves. I just said pretty much what all the others said : a wife, a job, a 5k salary. I’m turning 29 – no children but two wonderful nieces, no wife but beautiful muses, no house but a few good friends all over the world, no salary but time.

Much love and gratitude to all the listeners who spread the love worldwide for Eclectic Soul in such way I just can’t realise yet.
breathe. feel. love. let your soul fly

and if you want to listen to all my attempts…


bristol chords

bristol chords

askiya video

askiya video

bord du Rhône

bord du Rhône



thoughts and stories

swinging through memories

swinging through memories

Sep 25 2017

Voici la documentation de la création d’un morceau sur une semaine. Pour un total de 7h30, sur six jours, divisées en sessions…

eclectic soul 41

eclectic soul 41

Dec 26 2016

I’m disconnecting from the Internet for a week. I leave you with ES41, featuring bits from the very interesting movie ‘The Man from Earth’. Unconsciously, a theme emerged as by magic, totally in tune with many thoughts and reflexions I’m having recently – Time.

Le jour où j’ai cessé de me regarder dans la glace

Le jour où j’ai cessé de me regarder dans la glace

Nov 30 2016

On m’a suggéré de partager quelques bribes de textes accompagnés d’images. Moi qui avait mis l’écriture de côté… Avec cette forme précise et réduite, je crois que ça peut donner vie à des partages intéressants. Toujours avec l’intention d’apporter quelque chose de précieux au lecteur. Voici la naissance du journal du vagabond. Ou pas.

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