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I spend most of my time making music, writing, walking, drinking tea, loving, enjoying the moment, enjoying the silence, doing nothing, eating butterflies, listening to music and collecting the best to make the Eclectic Soul podcast.

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About Life

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” – Aldous Huxley

The one thing I’m doing that I’m the most proud and seems to be adding value to other people’s life is a monthly podcast called Eclectic Soul. Over the years, the show slowly shaped itself to become at some point like a one-month photograph of my life, including the soundtrack of my last weeks and also bits of my favorite movies and my own recordings. It’s actually like a movie in itself.

“Sometimes you stumble across something like this, and your hope in humanity is tentatively restored well done. Casually mixed, fantastic track selection well done sir.”
– alaska’d

Listen right here on the Mixcloud player on the right side, on soundcloud or iTunes.

être DJ

Un blog à l’attention des DJs où je partage ma philosophie autour de ce rôle et la musique en général. J’ai également écrit un e-book pour les nouveaux DJs.


I make music





bord du Rhône

bord du Rhône



thoughts and stories

what now?

what now?

Jul 24 2016

I’m about to travel from Geneva to Calabria (South Italy) by train to enjoy the area and spread life in the apartment left by my grandma and restore it. I’m writing this because I’m reflecting on how to make the most of my time, and where to put my energy, here and now. If you’re following me, you might like to know what’s I wrote.

eclectic soul 38

eclectic soul 38

Jul 17 2016

Do you ever have this feeling of being in a dream, except you (kinda) know you’re not actually sleeping? I did, many times since I started this new chapter of my life, especially every time I was swimming in the sea. This is probably due to the highest level of freedom I reached so far.

entrevue entre beats avec le docteur peet

entrevue entre beats avec le docteur peet

Jul 06 2016

Rencontre avec peet lors de mon dernier passage à Bruxelles. On fait un tour du rap francophone, de MC Solaar à Jazzy Bazz en passant bien évidement par la crème du hip hop belge.

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inspiration on demand

Through my weekly e-mails I share pieces of my artist’s life. The idea is simply to inspire you in some way.

Environ une fois par semaine j’envoie des nouvelles à mon audience. À travers ces e-mails je partage ma vie d’artiste vagabond. L’idée c’est simplement d’inspirer et apporter de la joie.


if what I do is adding any value or joy to your life, maybe you’ll want to support me with a donation like 2$ per month?

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Since May 2016, I’m living as a vagabond around Europe. From age 4 to 28 I lived in Geneva, which is a freaking expensive area and kind of a masochist choice for someone who just wants to develop his creativity. So I finally got ready to take the leap and leave this illusion of comfort Switzerland gives, that I actually didn’t want.

After spending the summer in Italy in my natural habitat, I’ll settle down in/near Lisbon from October 2016 to June 2017 at least.

I live a simple life, not relying so much on money. I need not more than 500$ per month for the level of comfort I want right now. With this amount I would even save some money to invest it in something valuable for me and the people around me. In 2017 for exemple I’d like to set up intimate retreats for anyone willing to develop creativity while disconnecting from their busy world. Something very easy, not much to do, mainly just have a break from the world and spend some time with oneself and a few interesting folks in an inspiring place. These events will be available for contributors only, and they’ll just have to take care of the travel.

Beside releasing each month a new Eclectic Soul podcast, I’m writing a lot, working on a 7-track EP with some writing about my inspirations and developing film ideas.

About the writing, I think I’ll publish a few essays and probably a book by the end of the year. I write mainly in French, and I’ll see what I can do about my English audience. Ideally I’d like to find a few peeps willing to translate (and get paid for it).

Regarding film making, I’m at the level of collecting ideas and messing around with an iPhone SE to make my first experimentations. I’m highly influenced by Richard Linklater and Nanni Moretti. First projects will be a video clip for one of my tracks, and a short movie by the end of the year.

So basically, just 250 people offering 2$ per month would cover my essential expenses and even allow me to save some money to invest later in something valuable to me and again my audience and the people around me.

Contributors will get extra content I won’t be publishing publicly.

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Always nice to hear from you.

Since April 2016 I’m living as a nomad around Europe. I haven’t much plans, just a few ideas of some places I’d like to experience. I go with the flow of life. In May I should be in Italy. Reach out if you want to meet up, maybe I’ll be around your location soon.

~ Amour et Simplicité ~